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Corporate Office

1415 Troup Hwy.

Tyler, Texas 75701

Tel: (903) 526-8600

Fax: (903) 526-8601


Dallas Office

7502 Greenville Ave.
Suite 500
Dallas, Texas 75231

Tel: (214) 630-5600

Fax: (214) 889-5000


Toll Free:

Tel: (866) 839-5627

Fax: (866) 526-8601

Compensation and Benefits

Capstone's healthcare professionals are among the best-compensated in the region, and our efficient mode of operation permits us to consistently offer very attractive rates.  We also believe that our benefits and bonus packages will make working through Capstone an experience that is beneficial to all concerned - the healthcare professional - our customers - and Capstone.

Rates - Capstone Healthcare Professionals work in a wide variety of geographic and specialty areas, and rates may vary by classification. Rates also vary by hospital, shift and even daily demand. Overtime is, of course, paid when qualified.

Call our staffing professionals at 903.526.8600 (or toll free at 866.839.5267) for details on current rates for "Per Diem" and "Contract" assignments.  Remember that rates may vary based on demand, shift and experience.

Healthcare Insurance: Capstone offers assistance with healthcare coverage for healthcare professionals who choose to work on a "full-time" basis.  Capstone pays a substantial portion of the insurance cost for Healthcare Professionals who qualify on the "shifts worked" or "service" basis.

Travel Benefits Click Here

Vacation Benefits: For Healthcare Professionals who choose to work on a full-time basis, Capstone offers a generous vacation benefit.

Convenient Pay and Direct Deposit: Capstone makes it possible for nurses to receive their compensation the way each individual finds most convenient. We provide Monday, Wednesday and Friday paydays and direct deposit to the bank of choice.

Bonuses: Capstone offers a variety of bonus options based on:

  • Referral of Qualified Healthcare Professionals;
  • Contract Performance Bonus (Local and Travel Assignments); and
  • Sign-On Bonus.

Continuing Education: We provide financial support and work to arrange assignments to facilitate attendance.


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